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Sunday Picnic Club

Hello, NYC park-goers!

We hope you've been enjoying the heat and freedom of the great outdoors. I think we speak for most of New York (the world too maybe?) when we say that Summer 2021 has been something that we've been looking forward to for awhile. It's been a tough year and the chance to encourage a little bit of sun, socializing, and sipping sounded good to us. We reached out to a few of our favorite NY brands and retailers and thus, Sunday Picnic Club was born. 

Sunday Beer and its partners provide the "fun" while our retailers provide the picnic items. We designed a custom Sunday Picnic Club tote and Koozie, accompanied by a Sunday 6pk (ofc). Vacation provided their classic sunscreen, that takes leisure as seriously as it does protection. Designed to make the wearer, look, feel and smell like they’ve been to paradise and back. Incredible addition - it's hot and we care about your skin. Treaty came through with their organic hemp CBD enhanced with bioregional plant extracts designed to enhance calm, focus, recovery, and balance. Chill masters after our own heart. Ordinary Habit added their 100 piece on-the-go puzzle, designed to be both fun and functional. The fun being that it's a puzzle of a hot dog and the functional being that it can be played anywhere (like on a picnic blanket).



AND in addition to all those free goodies, our retailers provide their own selection of picnic munchies for each pack. Mekelberg's is a craft bar and food shop in Williamsburg, Bk - offering specialty meats, cheeses, specialty sandwiches, and other fun edibles. Conveniently, located right by Domino Park, Marsha P. Johnson Park, and McCarren Park (if you're down to walk like 15 mins, c'mon get those steps in). The food is yum, we can confirm. Next up we've got, Daytime in Windsor Terrace, Bk - a chill cafe serving up sandwiches, bowls, specialty toasts. A short walk from Prospect Park, the mecca of picnic possibilities this side of the East River. Finally, we have Boris & Horton in East Village, NY - a dog-friendly cafe and community space, offering tasty treats for humans and their furry friends. Their love of dogs makes up for the fact that they aren't based in Brooklyn. Prices vary for each location, available while supplies last.

Each care package is curated with everything you and your crew need to relax and have fun. Our partners and retailers are all pretty rad. Needless to say we're super excited to share these picnic packs with you. Join the club, get them while it's hot... just what you need to chill. 



Cheers to picnics, friends, and not being a breakout case. Stay safe, get vaccinated, enjoy your summer!