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It's about playing around with friends, soft-top surf sessions, practical jokes, a good pun, getting a little lost, catching "one more wave", running a beer mile, wiffle ball home runs, breakfast for dinner, working hard, never being too old to skin a knee - it's about having fun and a little bit of whimsy too. It's the proverbial quality over quantity - not having more, but doing more. 

While our parent’s generation grew up on the macro beer brands, we grew up on independent craft beers - but as we’ve gotten a little bit older, we found ourselves looking for a brand we resonated with and beers that better fit a healthy and active lifestyle - beers that weren’t overly bitter and high-calorie yet still weren’t watered down, full of adjuncts and made with GMOs and high fructose corn syrup like the beer in Grandpa’s fridge. 

We couldn’t find a light and sessionable beer that we fully enjoyed and were proud to drink - so we decided to make one ourselves - using only the highest quality ingredients, being responsible to the environment, and taking no shortcuts in the process.

Now go play outside with your friends. 


Drew, Sean and Eric

We are proud to donate 1% of our sales to a variety of environmental projects and organizations focused on restoration and conservation in the region that we brew, sell beer and play in.

We make beer that is light on the planet too. Through our partnership with Climate Neutral - we are able to run our business 100% carbon neutral.