“The beer to drink when you’re drinking a beer”

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Sunday Beer is about that good life.

It’s about playing with your friends, soft-top surf sessions, practical jokes, a good pun, getting a little lost, catching “one more wave”, wiffle ball home runs, getting stoked, breakfast for dinner, working hard, never being too old to get a little scraped up – it’s about having fun and a little bit of whimsy too. It’s the proverbial quality over quantity – not having more, but doing more. It’s about choosing something different — sometimes just because, and sometimes out of necessity. 

We made Sunday Beer for ourselves and our friends. Wanting a beer that could be at home in our backyards and our backpacks, we wanted to give people a new option for a light-lager that didn’t take itself too seriously, but didn’t skimp on quality ingredients, process or taste. A couple of us have known each other since little-league, some of us met working in the country’s top craft breweries, but all of us came together over this idea that great beer can be a lot of things, but to us it’s quality, fun and friendly.

We donate 1% of our sales to a variety of environmental projects and organizations focused on healthy waterways, restoring natural habitats and conservation education in the region that we brew, sell beer and play in.