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Grand Tetons Trip

When a friend who owns a pristine 1979 Volkswagen Bus tells you they’re gonna drive it to Wyoming and expects to meet you there, you show up. Jeff’s always been the guy who was just a little ahead of the curve, the 21 foot sailboat he bought at 19 where friends scattered across southern California colleges and jobs would convene and booze cruise is just one example, the other example is the VW bus at 20. Needless to say, we were in for Wyoming. After a day exploring the breweries of Salt Lake City, the nearest place to Jackson you don’t need a private jet to fly into, we met up just outside Yellowstone National Park. After a few days sitting in traffic, getting a ticket for going into hotsprings, we were ready for the Tetons.

One thing about the Tetons is nowhere has a bad view, certainly the restaurant at Moose Junction was no exception. Some Jenny Lake Lagers and some high-fives from Jeff and Jackie (who miraculously beat us there in their lawnmower powered VW), we’d certainly left the scenery and crowds of Yellowstone behind.

After a few nights camping in the Bridger-Teton Forest and exploring the front range of the Tetons, we rented canoes and braved the high-seas of Jenny Lake to camp on an island that had only two campsites on it (and hopefully no bears). We were warned before setting off on our 15 minute voyage that the last crew who set sail for the Macinac Bay had to be rescued because of high-seas. Confused looking out on still waters and a light breeze, we tied down our gear and prepared for the worst. Needless to say it was clear and blue as far as the eye could see. We did find the canoe of the the poor souls who ventured out earlier that morning, it was flipped upside down 4 feet above the water line in a tree.

Before heading back to our respective homes, we did what any group of friends does on an epic adventure, we bought matching shirts.