“The beer to drink when you’re drinking a beer”

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Brewing Partner: Butternuts Beer and Ale

If you’ve had craft beer in a can in the last five-years, you probably owe Chuck from Butternuts a high-five (or a pork-slap?). Since 2005, while most craft drinkers were still drinking out of bottles, Chuck has been canning his ubiquitous Pork Slap English Pale Ale out of his brewery in Garrattsville, New York. As we began to explore brewing partnerships with facilities throughout New York State, it became clear that Butternuts and Sunday had an aligned vision that great beer should be approachable, drinkable and affordable.

Our trips up to Garrattsville (a little under 4 hours from NYC if you leave at 5 AM), have made us second guess our 500 sq ft. Brooklyn apartment living. Chuck’s brewery is located on an old dairy farm and sits in the middle of Butternuts Valley, which is named for a nut, which apparently tastes like butter and will probably be a $20 per lb superfood soon. The area is known for its excellent spring water, which has a low mineral content and a slight sweetness, making it an ideal place to brew.

Working with our brew team, Chuck adapted our recipe to his equipment and we began conducting a series of test brews throughout the summer. After finding that balance between hop bitterness and malty sweet, we finally pressed play on Sunday’s first commercial run in July of this year. We’re excited to continue brewing with Chuck and his team up at Butternuts and snagging some of that Butternuts Heinnieweisse to round out our beer fridge. Check out Chuck and Butternuts here.